Buffalo by Night: Blood Snows

Welcome to the Blood Snows: A Vampire the Masquerade LARPEdit

It's been more than a year since Agent of the Archon Cid Arthur led a group of Camarilla kindred into the City of Buffalo to investigate the disappearance of the previous court and re-establish Camarilla power in the region. Time has passed, and Cid Arthur has gone, leaving a Camarilla city that rules itself.

And so Buffalo stands, under the leadership of Prince Johnny Thunder of Clan Malkavian, hemmed in by the Fair Folk on one side, the Loup-garou on another and the ever present threat of the Sabbat looming like a London fog. Can the city stand on its own feet while beset by so many enemies? And what of the mysterious loss of the previous court?

Welcome to Blood Snows, a Vampire the Masquerade LARP set in Buffalo in the days leading to the Final Nights. For additional information, please visit the forum at .

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